About Us

We are all about luxury bespoke & custom-made furniture. Luxury, not just because our furniture is sumptuously finished in an elegant fashion, but that it is made for extremely comfortable living and surroundings. Our furniture provides pleasure & comfort.

Our speciality is in crafting high-quality bespoke designs & sourcing high-end custom-made furniture for the discerning residential & commercial clients. Our team of skilled craftsmen design and build bespoke & custom pieces that perfectly fit your needs, style, space and budget. 

A little note...

I have worked with some of the most talented professionals throughout my 30 career within the Furniture design industry. During this time, I successfully forged a close and great working relationship with Interior designers and the Hospitality industry by sourcing and crafting the finest pieces for their unique projects.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing all of this and I do feel the need to carry on with the desire and passion I have for the creative side of furniture design. So, I decided to form Porters Gray to essentially continue with the progress and success established with the various teams of Interior designers and Hospitality Trade industry over the years.

To enable this continuity in terms of quality of products, I have quality craftsmen make our custom and bespoke pieces from workshops across the UK. 

In addition to our custom made and bespoke furniture, Porters Gray sources edits from some brands like Visual Comfort lighting(on specification), Wewood, Vermissen, Pols Potten furniture & Weaver Green textiles.